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Creative Coaching and Courses

In my creative Coaching and Courses, I foster a dynamic blend of creative exploration and personal growth.


Beyond honing artistic skills, my curriculum emphasizes the cultivation of a resilient and positive mindset. Through a series of carefully crafted exercises and strategies, participants delve into mindfulness techniques, learning to harness the power of focus and presence in their creative practice.


Each session is a journey of self-discovery, weaving together elements of goal review and planning to propel students toward their artistic aspirations with clarity and purpose. By nurturing both artistic prowess and mental fortitude, my courses provide a holistic approach to artistic development, empowering individuals to unleash their full creative potential.

What can you expect within the session?

1. Pre Assessment and Goal Setting

We will be conducting a pre-assessment ro understand your skill level, artistic interests and mindset challenges.

We will collaboratively set personalised goals and objectives to be completed within the masterclass based on your own aspirations and areas for growth.

2. Mindset Coaching Session

This will be a personalised mindset coaching session to explore any mindset barriers and opportunities for growth.

We will explore stategies and execisesto cultivate a positive and resilient mindset tailored to your needs and goals.

3. Artistic Skill Development

We will be looking into your specific artistic interests and development areas.  I will be offering instruction, feedback and guidance on techniques, mediums and artistic approaches aligned with your goals.

4. Mindfulness and Creative Practice

I will be facilitating a guided mindfulness practice tailored to stimulate creativity, enhace focus and allevite performance anxiety.

I will be providing and suggesting mindfulness exercises and resources for you to integrate into your daily practice.

5. Goal Review and Action Planning

We will be reviewing progress towards your goals and celebrate achievements and breakthroughs.

We will collaborate on action steps and strategies for continued growth and development beyond the masterclass, including accountability measures and support resources.

  • Tranforming Doubt into Determination in 2 hours

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    97 British pounds
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