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Hi, I'm Sam

Artist and Creative Business Coach

Artist Samantha Clift combines her love of realism and detail with a sense of freedom using a mix of coloured pencils, pastel pencils, watercolour and other mixed media to create atmosphere and emotion within her paintings.   She gains her inspiration from nature and her love of wildlife and animals. 

Over the past two years Samantha has really enjoyed teaching other artists techniques needed to create their own wonderful realistic art in The Joy of Drawing Membership.  A place to be supported and encouraged with a library of real time tutorials, reference videos and to be part of a lovely, friendly community.

Samantha also coaches other creatives to turn their art hobbies into a business with her 6 week coaching program.  Getting started and finally taking the leap from the day job into doing something that you love every day can be daunting and feels like there is so much to learn. Samantha's coaching program breaks it down into manageable steps creating a clear roadmap to being visible and making sales.

Samantha also runs have a free FB group to show your art and gain inspiration and advice Artist's Community 

Samantha lives in Bristol with her husband, two children and cat Delilah.  She loves chocolate, red wine, a good book and learning new skills in fact she's half way through a knitting project right now! (It's finally finished and now onto the next, if gardening doesn't take too much time, maybe knitting is more of a winter project?)

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