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'Resilience' -  Giclee Prints in four diferent sizes also available


'Resilience'  Rhino Giclee Prints available in 4 sizes.


I've always loved Rhinos.  Their size, wrinkly skin that looks like amour and their magnificent horns.  I have heard them called 'chubby unicorns' which I think is quite sweet.  I have wanted to capture a Rhino in pencil for a long time, but was nervous about how to tackle the skin as it's unlike the fur or feathers that I usually draw.  However, over the last couple of years I have been using a simplier method with my coloured pencils, that doesn't include too much detail until the very end, concentrating more on the values and colours.  I'm glad I waited as I'm really happy with the result.


  • Coloured Pencil Giclee Prints on HP watercolour paper available in 4 sizes and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  They will be backed for protection ready for you to mount and frame.


  • Signed by the Artist Samantha Clift together with a certificate of authenticity.


How it was created


Using her beloved Polychromos pencils, Samantha slowly builds up the layers of coloured pencil working from light to dark and adding many layers of colour to slowly fill the troughs of the paper and get rid of any graininess.  After about 20 layers she starts to add the detail of the wrinkles and intensifies the shadows to add depth, making the drawing more 3D.


  • You will receive a confirmation email once the payment has been successful.  I aim to send out your piece as soon as possible, which will be within 3 working days for originals and 7-10 working days for prints.

    UK shipping is FREE, but Internation Shipping rates may vary.  I have no control over when this will happen, but I will notify you before sending if the rates are significantly higher.

  • Original artwork can be returned as long as it is undamaged and in all of the original packaging.

    All returns will need to be insured to the full value of the piece as you will be fully responsible for it until it arrives back safely.  Please retain the proof of postage and I would recommend sending the item tracked.  I cannot refund items that do not arrive back or are damaged in any way.

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