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'Prowess in Petals' -  A unique painting, there is only 1 available!


I have wanted to paint or draw a Lioness for a long time.  They are so beautiful, strong and yet graceful.


  • Hand painted by Samantha Clift in her home studio, using a combination of the yellows, ochres and browns for the Lioness and the splashes of paynes greys and blues make up the colour palette.


  • Painted in watercolour and finished with coloured pencil to add a touch of detail and precision to this piece which portrays the beauty and elegant of this gorgeous big cat.  I love the combination of the detail and looseness.  I think it adds to the strength and yet softness of the poppies.


  • Free UK delivery.  Buy with security, you get 14 days to return your painting if it doesn't fit perfectly into your home.


  • Sized 16x23in - ready to mount and frame.


  • Signed by the Artist Samantha Clift together with a certificate of authenticity.




I wanted to capture the beauty and strength of the feminine energy in this painting.  She has a serene look although she is holding your glaze intensely, which portrays a strength, confidence and assertiveness.  I wanted to combine this with the fluidity and ethereal quality of the watercolours. 


This composition was very clear in my mind and I knew that I wanted to add an element of orange to signify joy and warmth, but it was a happy accident that created shapes that looked like flowers and more closely poppies!


How it was created


Samantha begins by slowly building up layers of watercolour, allowing some areas to dry completely while others are added whilst wet to help spread and combine the beautiful colours together.  Once Samantha is happy with the amount of colours and depth that is created, she then works in coloured pencil, which is a match made in heaven, to add any final details and a touch of realism to this free and loose watercolour.  The final stages are splashes of colour that complement the painting and give it a flourish of movement and ethereal beauty.

'Prowess in Petals'

SKU: 070
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the payment has been successful.  I aim to send out your piece as soon as possible, which will be within 3 working days for originals and 7-10 working days for prints.

    Shipping rates may vary.  I have no control over when this will happen, but I will notify you before sending if the rates are significantly higher.

  • Original artwork can be returned as long as it is undamaged and in all of the original packaging.

    All returns will need to be insured to the full value of the piece as you will be fully responsible for it until it arrives back safely.  Please retain the proof of postage and I would recommend sending the item tracked.  I cannot refund items that do not arrive back or are damaged in any way.

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