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Badgers are my spirit animal, they keep coming up in dreams for me and that's the inspiration behind this painting.


The badger symbolizes resilience, protection, and independence. Its tenacity embodies perseverance, while its fierce defence of territory represents loyalty and guardianship. Solitary by nature, the badger signifies independence and self-reliance, grounded in the rhythms of the earth. In folklore, it's a symbol of wisdom and adaptability, teaching resourcefulness and courage.


These were all interwined with the meanings in my dream, but the solitary Badger wasn't quite enough.


The moon symbolizes cycles, mystery, and transformation. Its phases represent the rhythm of life, while its soft glow suggests hidden depths and the power of intuition. It serves as a guiding light in darkness, reminding us of hope and change. Throughout history and across cultures, the moon has been a timeless symbol of spirituality and the human connection to the cosmos.  I have been studying the phases of the moon and it's amazing how much it effects us, it changes tides afterall!


The fairy lights in the painting symbolize warmth, joy, and magic. Their soft, twinkling glow evokes a sense of enchantment and wonder, reminiscent of fairytale realms and childhood dreams. They symbolize hope, especially during dark or difficult times, as their gentle illumination brings comfort.  Fairy lights also represent celebration and festivity, often adorning special occasions and marking moments of happiness and togetherness. Additionally, they signify creativity and imagination, transforming ordinary spaces into magical realms where anything feels possible.


Plants symbolize growth, renewal, and life. Their ability to emerge from the earth and flourish in various environments represents resilience and vitality. As they reach towards the sun, plants signify hope and aspiration, reminding us of the potential for growth and transformation. Additionally, plants are often associated with healing and nourishment, embodying the nurturing aspects of nature and the cycle of renewal.


I hope you can see where the title came from?


This painting was created in acylics adding detail in particular to the Badger's face and then I create the body with a softer focus that then leans into the more abstract elements of the painting.  I love this mix of realism and abstract, I think it adds texture and depth, but also a sense of freedom.


The painting is 16x20 inches and comes ready to hang.


Hand painted by Samantha Clift in her home studio, using a top quality acrylic painting on stretched canvas


Signed by the Artist Samantha Clift together with a certificate of authenticity.


Free UK delivery.  Buy with security, you get 14 days to return your painting if it doesn't fit perfectly into your home.


Moonlit Protector

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